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Staying Ahead of Ever-Changing Needs.

The People We Serve

Our team works closely with professionals, retirees, and families looking for expert guidance to help grow, protect, and preserve their financial wellbeing. We also serve specialized planning groups, including entrepreneurs, women, tech employees, and individuals dealing with equity compensation.




Specialized Planning Groups

Serving You at Every Life Stage

At Motus Wealth, we've built service models to address each client's unique needs. While we continue to build on our foundation and experience with high net worth clients, it is equally important to provide services to other demographics as well - staying true to our mission. Our intentionality here ensures we continue to customize planning for you in every stage of your life. Our ultimate goal is to meet you where you are and grow together.

Our Fees

How Do We Get Paid

Looking for commission details? You won’t find it here!

As a 100% fee only firm, we only get paid by you – no hidden charges, no conflicts of interest or selling of any products. Ever. It’s not who we are. Instead, you will find transparency and it starts within our fee structure.
Investable Account Values
Advisory Fee
Assets up to $2,000,000
$2,000,000- $4,000,000
$4,000,000- $10,000,000
Our financial planning services and investment management are all encompassed in one fee – for all clients regardless of asset level. We do this for many reasons, but the most important is to maintain a clear and competitive rate for our clients when compared to other traditional broker dealers and advisory firms. Additionally, this allows us to do our part and ensure we are increasing access to financial planning – The Motus Way!

The Process We Take

While every client is different, our process is always the same—because it works. Motus Wealth’s CFP® professionals will guide you through every proven step, from learning about your goals to realizing those goals and adjusting the strategy to match the ongoing changes in life.

Introduce Motus Wealth

Initial Client Discovery 

Discover overall goals and desires

Determine mutual fit

Per client

Provide recommendations on investment management

Clarify cash flow for plan analysis 

Discover more in-depth goals
(both long-term and short-term)

Onboard client and obtain remaining information to prepare full analysis. 

Per client

Research client-identified goals

Identify potential obstacles and challenges

Develop individualized solutions to meet goals

Develop planning roadmap

1 month following Onboarding

Review goals

Review completed & outstanding items

Chart course for review meetings

Continue productive dialog

Review onboarding progress 

3-6 months following Presentation

Reassess goals and priorities

Review plan progress

Address ongoing/new hurdles

Continually address all aspects of your personal financial landscape

Ongoing, recurring meetings determined by client

Impromptu meetings to address any changes and/or new opportunities