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Putting Your
Wealth in Motion

Partner with us for a smarter today. And a better tomorrow.

"It's better to look ahead and prepare, than to look back and regret.” – Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Our Mission

Providing customized financial planning and investment management to help create and sustain wealth for individuals and families.


Where and How You Invest Your Wealth Today
Shapes Your Tomorrow.

It’s really that simple. At Motus Wealth, we help you figure out the where and how—all driven by your “why.” Your “why” might be your legacy, or handing down a business, or ensuring your kids have all their needs covered, or living comfortably during all those years of retirement. Maybe all of the above. Whatever the case, whatever your goals, we’ll listen closely, think holistically, and deliver a sound, strategic plan that ensures tomorrow will be in the best shape possible.  


Individuals & Families

Our client base includes professionals, retirees and families - nationwide. And they all have unique planning circumstances. In addition, we have built a niche offering around our specialized planning groups. While we offer a fully customizable experience for each and every client, our specialized planning group clients generally have similar concerns that we are prepared to address and plan for.


When business owners need an extra set of minds to help manage cash flow, save and spend strategically, and maximize tax efficiencies, they turn to us.

Equity Compensation

Remember when only top-level executives could build wealth through company stock option programs? Not anymore. We help our clients navigate this complex compensation structure.


We care deeply about equity. In particular, we’re passionate about empowering women to achieve their goals, maximize earnings potential, and achieve financial freedom.

Five Reasons Clients Work with Us

100% Independent

Have confidence knowing we aren’t tied to any specific company and/or product(s). Our advice and recommendations have zero ulterior motive.

Fiduciary Duty

We will always act in your best interest. Our number one goal – and legal duty – is doing what’s best for you, your family, and your future.

Fee-Only Services

No kickbacks. No commissions. Unlike traditional brokerage firms, the fee we charge is the only money we make.

Certified Team

Our advisory team members are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ — the gold standard in the financial planning industry.

Customized Planning

We don’t believe a one-size-fits-all approach works. We take the time to learn about you – your challenges, needs, and long-term goals – and provide a plan specific to you.

Diversity Isn’t just what we value.
It's Who we are.


Financial advisors who are


African American


Asian American


Minority owned

As seen in the CFP Demographic Report


You might be wondering...

Who is your typical client?

We serve an extremely diverse group of clients. You may be a great fit if you’re asking one – or more– of these questions:

Do I have enough money saved up for retirement? How do I maximize my Social Security benefits? How do I source my retirement needs? What does retirement look like for me?

How do we commingle our assets following our recent marriage? Do we have enough for a new home? Can we travel the world? How much do we save to fund our child’s education?

What is the right strategy for my equity compensation? Everyone tells me to exercise my ISOs—what does that mean? How do I realize my earnings potential?

What should I do with my stock options and RSUs?

Do I take an early retirement buyout package, sell a business, or take a lump sum over an annuitized pension?

What are your hours of operation?

8:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Thursday and 8:00am - 4pm Friday.

What is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)?

As a registered investment advisor (RIA for short), we have a fiduciary responsibility to you, the client, first and foremost. We’re different from independent broker dealers who are connected with a single management company. Instead, we can produce a range of products and services. As an RIA, we are required by law to be registered with the SEC and state regulatory agencies—in our case, the State of Georgia.

Are fee-only and fee-based advisors the same?

This is a common misconception in our industry. We pride ourselves on being a 100% fee-only firm as we are directly paid only from our clients. As our clients do well, so do we. Fee-based advisors receive compensation from clients, but also kickbacks from other sources as well. With a fee-only advisor, you can ensure there are no conflicts of interest as recommendations are provided.

Can I engage Motus Wealth for one service only?

Our planning services are comprehensive and holistic in nature. This approach helps to simplify the entire financial picture. By making recommendations based on a client’s entire financials, it ensures we’re doing what’s financially optimal for the client. 

Do you have a minimum account size?

Our standard minimum is $1,000,000 in investable assets. However, we are passionate about doing the work to help those we consider emerging wealth. With that said, we’ve created a service offering for the emerging wealth demographic as well. 

Am I held to a contract?

Clients of Motus Wealth are free to terminate the agreement at any point during the engagement. However, when terminating, we ask that you provide a written notification at least 30 days prior.